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Concrete, Steel. 
Site-Lab, 341 Franklin street, SW Grand Rapids. MI.
Artprize 2016

Excavations is an intervention into the concrete foundation and driveway of a former carriage house at 341 Franklin Street, Grand Rapids, Michigan. In response to the existing cracks in the sixty year old concrete, I cut a series of lines into the slab with a diamond saw, then removed the resulting forms and repositioned them around the site. This action creates a group of positive and negative paired shapes separated from each other in space and orientation. Formally, these displaced objects may read like archaeological relics or geologic specimens. At the same time, the adjacent holes of exposed earth left from the removal of the concrete will eventually become activated as weeds start to grow in this long dormant soil. In Excavations, the entire site is a latent material, that through cutting, marking and relocating sections of the slab, it is transformed from an overlooked space into a site of uncertain potentiality.

Excavations was selected as the winner of the 3D category by the Artprize Jurors,  Michelle Grabner, Paul Ha, and Eric Shiner.