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Mineral Terrain

Glass, Salt.  35x85 inch panels
Fergus McCaffrey, July 2015

Mineral Terrain is a site specific project consisting of three salt formations on glass panels installed in the windows of the gallery and fifteen glass bowls that were used to make the formations. Over the two months prior to the opening, the bowls were repeated filled with salt water as they rested upon the horizontal panels. As salt crystals formed around the edges of the bowls, the crystals would act like a continuous chain of sponges, allowing the salt water in the bowls to move outwards. The crystals in this chain can only absorb a finite amount of salt water, at which point the water would begin to pool, spilling out onto the panels and eventually drying to create the resulting formations. This repeated process of flooding and evaporation represents an accelerated geology, a model of terraformation to create geologic landscapes on glass.